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In a prank war with a friend or co-worker? Expect a quick surrender if you have the OfficePranks app in your arsenal. Dont work in an office? Not a problem, nearly all of the pranks in this collection can be used in nearly any working or living environment. Use them in your dorm room, your apartment, in a warehouse, on a job site, just about anywhere. Even if you have no intention of ever actually playing one of the pranks, this app is sure to provide hours of entertainment as you read through the pranks with your friends or co-workers.

OfficePranks is a complete collection of gags and pranks designed specifically for the typical office worker. Choose from over 250 pranks in categories such as Desk Pranks, Kitchen Pranks, Computer Pranks, and of course - Bathroom Pranks!

The pranks are all categorized and broken down into basic step-by-step implementation instructions. Each prank is also assigned both a "severity" and "doability" factor. The severity factor will give you a quick idea of how serious the effects of playing the prank could be, while the doability factor will let you know how realistic it would be to play the prank as well as how easy it would be to set up. Navigation is simple and straightforward; just find a prank, choose your victim, and youre all set!

OfficePranks is intended for entertainment purposes only. The authors of OfficePranks are not responsible for personal injury, property damage, or any other result of using this application.